Individual Counseling and Therapy

At Healing Service Agency LLC our clinical staff are all licensed professionals. Our staff uses evidence based practices and strong ethical guidelines at all times. We specialize in trauma informed psychotherapy with the use of EMDR, CBT, SFBT, and other evidence based therapies. We believe that the patient is their own expert and has the ability with a little help from a therapist, to get past and make sense of issues. If we really look at why someone is seeking individual counseling services, trauma took place somewhere in the mix.

Couple and Family Counseling

Couples and family counseling takes years of practice to understand and to be successful at. There are a lot of moving parts and the therapist at Healing Service Agency LLC has the experience that a couple or family is looking for. 

Group Counseling

Healing Service Agency LLC offers group counseling specific to substance abuse. The group is not a 12 step group and does not incorporate organized religion. Rather, it utilizes everyone's own unique spirituality that have components universal to all. The group starts with a check-in and then covers a broad spectrum of topics to aid in avoiding relapse.

Home Based Services

Some disorders are better treated in the home environment. Healing Service Agency LLC is set up for home based services to work on the issue at hand. Whether it is individual, couple or family, the therapist at Healing Service Agency LLC has years of home based therapy experience and a solid history of success.


Healing Service Agency LLC offers convenient telehealth services. All of the comforts of therapy right through your phone or computer. As long as you have an internet connection, then we can utilize our secure and proprietary telehealth application. Just find a private location and we will connect as if in the same place. Click here to view PBS article with our own June Rolph, PMHNP-BC and Brent Marshall, MSW, LCSW regarding telehealth. 

Medication Management

Healing Service Agency LLC offers medication assessment and management. Our medical staff and therapists are able to provide a wide variety of treatments and therapies; including treatments that are only available after other treatments have not worked. We pride ourselves on the flexibility to reach the LGTBQ+ and veteran clients. Diversity in healthcare is one of our greatest virtues. Click Here for understanding the increasing importance of diversity in nursing.

Case Management

Healing Service Agency LLC offers case management and success coaching. 


Meet The Team

Shelly Howard, BS, RT

Office Administrator


Shelly is a caring professional who takes pride in being part of the backbone of Healing Service Agency, LLC. From the time you schedule your first appointment and along your journey with us; Shelly is ready to help.

June Rolph, MSN. PMHNP-BC

Board Certified

Nurse Practitioner

In these difficult times, are you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious and looking for hope? Let's work together to make a plan so you feel better, one step at a time. I help clients who have a history of traumatic experiences and those who aren’t sure why they feel so bad. It is not easy to trust someone new, but l am here for you... I will treat you like the unique person you are.


In addition to providing a compassionate ear, I use the latest principles in neuroscience to match your symptoms with medications to relieve you or your child's symptoms. Curious about the brain? I will explain how the chemistry in the brain works to cause symptoms and how therapy or medicine can help. Yes, it's OK to laugh at my drawings!

Are you worried no one cares enough to listen? There is hope and help for you...please call for an appointment. It's time to feel better!

Brent Marshall, MSW, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist and Clinical Supervisor


Therapy means something different for everyone. Although we can experience something universally, it takes a unique approach individually. My approach is all about the therapeutic relationship. With a good foundation, the results can be beyond amazing. I emphasize on evidence driven therapy that has a record of results. I find great joy in seeing clients heal and get past issues that have haunted them for their entire lives. From my perspective, I simply facilitate without directly giving advice.


With a background in individual, couples, family, and group practice, I utilize a diverse range of therapy to fit the need of the moment. Specifically, I use a humanistic approach to treat you. Whether they are new or old issues, life can get messy and I am happy to get in the mess and work things out. I provide a safe atmosphere to share and explore in a nonjudgmental space. 


My areas of interest include trauma centered therapy, specifically utilizing EMDR and CBT. I provide supportive counseling services and in depth psychotherapy. My extensive professional and personal experience will promote that unique way to meet your needs. I offer clinical supervision for therapists who are looking to obtain independent level licensure. I am also a published author including a peer reviewed article in the journal of general psychology established 1928.

Shanika Toms, MSW, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist

Are you struggling to know which direction to go in life? Are you looking to begin to address issues that are making your life unmanageable? Or are you looking to continue to work through issues that are more complicated than you expected?


I am an independently licensed therapist that specializes in working with individuals and families who suffer with difficult life situations. I have been told that I have a natural ability to assist those who want to achieve a higher level of self-worth and authenticity.

I specialize in helping my clients developing emotional awareness to reach a new level of emotional maturity and increase their emotional intelligence. I enjoy teaching my clients how to integrate mindfulness into their daily life and to experience the moment. I utilize a spiritual approach to wellness by helping clients connect to a deeper sense of oneself.

I utilize DBT skills as a foundation to my approach. In addition, I use various other evidence-based methods for assisting my clients in making healthy changes. My goal is to meet you where you are at. I hold space so you can do the inner work that needs your valuable attention. This space is calm and safe.

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